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 My Recommened Anime List

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PostSubject: My Recommened Anime List   Sun May 24, 2009 7:23 am

Like a Star @ heaven MAR - Great show for all ages. Ginta the main character is weak and gets bullied a lot. He dreams of a fantasy land called Mar. Then one day at school a strange thing happens. A monster comes and takes Ginta to Mars in over to save that world from the Cheese Pieces. This is a 10/10 anime. Also known as Marche Of Romance,

Like a Star @ heaven Hajime No Ippo - Ippo the main character is , loner and gets bullied a lot. Then he sparks a interest in boxing to gain more strength. He shows great skills and potential. Ippo gets a lot stronger and meets many new friends. This is a 10/10 anime.

One Outs - Toua is the main character. He is a great pitcher who doesn't have a fast pitch. Instead he uses his mind to manipulate his opponents. Toua is able to throw slow fast balls that drop down, or raise up. He makes lots of money off the team's owner. This is a 9/10 anime.

FMA - Who can not know about this show. I'll skip the review and give the rating 9/10.

Shaman King - Great show to watch. It has many unsuspecting twists and turns, 10/10.

Like a Star @ heaven Dan Doh - Very fun, entertaing, and funny anime. I rate it 9/10.

Fighting Foodon - Loved this show every since I was 2 years old. 9/10.

Like a Star @ heaven One Piece - Everyone should know about this anime. The english version kills it so go watch the japanese ones. This anime is very funny, and exciting. With lots of unguessable adventure. I rate it 12/10!

.Hack// - There are looks of series out there but I think all of them are good. 8/10.

Aishiteruze Baby - This is a very entertaining/ drama anime. I loved it 10/10.

Air TV - The plot is very cool. 9/10.

Like a Star @ heaven Hungry Heart: Wild Striker - Freaking awesome soccer anime. After this anime any other soccer anime will be crap! 10/10

Like a Star @ heaven Major- Currently 5 seasons. After this anime anyother baseball anime will be crap! 10/10.

Soul Eater- I never finished it but it's a great anime. 8/10.

I'll add more when I can remember.
Like a Star @ heaven = MUST SEE!
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My Recommened Anime List
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